Daily Prompt: Turn, Turn, Turn

For many of us, winter is blooming into spring, or fall hardening into winter. Which season do you most look forward to?

My favorite time of year, is when the air outside is cool and crisp. It is warm enough during the day, to enjoy the outdoors; but the nights are crisp enough to keep you snuggled under the covers, with that someone special making the moment worthwhile.

I love watching the flowers and the yard slowly wake to the spring sunshine. The leaves and buds slowly emerging from God’s green earth; as the birds start to buzz around like a swarm of bees. Each with a different song to sing.

I love getting the yard ready for whatever the season brings. Filling the bird feeders, putting out fresh mulch to protect the new flowers as they burst into our world with abundance of color.

Picking up the million little sticks and other things the wind has dropped into our yard. Bringing the porch furniture out, cleaning and touching up then paint as needed. Cleaning the wind chimes and hanging them in their proper places. Along with the bird singing, I love the mix the wind chimes joining in. It makes being outdoors so enjoyable.

Washing the porches down and organizing the potted plants and other decor to make our porches pretty enough for pictures and ready for serious relaxing. Then we have the grill porch. Need to get the grill cleaned and ready for the season. We love to entertain.

While I do all the above, Barry is handling lawn mower repair and weed eating. I’ll hire my sweet nephews to weed one of my flower beds.

We’ll need to get the fountain going. I’d like to find a small bench and plant another butterfly bush in that bed. The shrubs need a little pruning and I am hoping we can put a cement walk on the front this year. Barry will need to add hand rails to the steps if we get the walkway done.

If you cannot tell by my page of rambling, Spring is at the top of my list for seasons. Other than the allergy end of things, I adore the Springtime weather.

Dear Lord, I appreciate your gift of Spring. You did a great job! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Six Word Friday: Serve



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Even on Fridays, serve the Lord;

On Saturdays, we serve the Lord;

 On Sundays, we worship the Lord;

and we serve our many communities

We share our love through service;

and show our devotion to families;

as we teach our little ones;

all about community service and kindness;

serve is such a big word;

to cover in such a sentence;

I tried to show what service;

means in our lives today, forever;

we serve the Lord on Monday;

Tuesday; Wednesday; Thursday and any chance;

  service needs arise; we remain faithful;

Servants to the Good Lord above




Six Word Friday: Move


Move over winter, spring comes quickly;

Fresh buds moving old foliage aside;

Allowing the new to move in;

Taking it’s time, waiting for spring;

Moving foliage slowly toward the sun;

Warm days move into cool nights;

One season moves aside for another.

Beauty Berry Bush

Beauty Berry Bush

To participate, click the link below:


Sandy's Azaleas

Sandy’s Azaleas

Our 200th post, There is a link to the page, but I also put the post below to avoid confusion

 Click the link for our 200th post:


The 200th post is below, but I’m gonna leave the page up too. I have removed any mention of a certain person who shall remain nameless. Enough said.


We thought this post required something special. I find it difficult to believe we’ve been blogging since September 8, 2012! We have been on a journey since that date, but we are holding on strong and closer than ever.

This blog wasn’t our idea, but we have thoroughly enjoyed compiling information for post together. It truly has been therapeutic for both of us. Who would have thought that a counselor, specializing in neurological issues, would know what they were talking about? Maybe that was what we were paying them for? At least our insurance was…..


We have done so well. Blogging has brought new friends into our lives and seen a few leave. The good seeds continue to take root as the friendships flourish. Others are like annual flowers, they are incredible at first then the heat of the sun fades their colors. Then you pull the annuals and throw them out to put new color in your garden. It is a shame all flowers and friendships cannot be timeless.  Enough said on the matter.

Barry and I continue to enjoy each blogger we have met on WordPress and stay sorrowful over those that did not work out. We have met some incredible people, who have taught us both a lot. Papazilla actually got me to debate a topic in writing, which is something I avoid like. I do not speak well, so there are certain things I do not freely take part in.

I have a rare genetic disorder. I felt so alone dealing with my illness at times, then my friends and family remind me I am not alone. The internet is an amazing tool to use to connect with people you may not meet normally. Barry is wonderful and my best choice to discuss my disease with. Thanks to everyone for being wonderful!


BrainTumorThursday on Twitter has become a weekly part of my life. When I can take part, I do. When I can’t, I make sure one of my posts, about a brain tumor issue, is on the page. There is such a huge need for funding for research. Brain Tumors kill too many people yearly. I’m including a link to a national foundation for when you would like more information.

Twitter link:






Two groups of hardworking people working to stop the pain of brain tumors. Please check them out. Barry and I take part regularly in the SBTF run/walk to raise money in Atlanta. We enjoy the get together. We also take part in a monthly support group for brain tumor patients. Very helpful group, when figuring life out after a brain tumor.



I’m including the website for the support group below, check them out. Very enjoyable group.


Tons of extremely hardworking people, check them out!

Check out #BrainTumorThursday on Twitter. Just do a search. Do not forget the hash tag.


Other health issues in constant need of funding are mini-strokes and strokes. As a nurse, I know what to look for and what they look like when occurring. Many people have health issues happen today and are clueless. They have no idea what is happening or whether to consider it an emergency or not. It is truly sad in my eyes that we are not more educated about our bodies and how we should respond to them when they scream at you,



I’m so glad I was home with Barry when his stroke occurred. He’s an extremely healthy, highly intelligent man. He did not have a clue or remember anything past us getting out of bed that morning. If he had been home alone, he would not be with us at the moment. God is good and decided he wasn’t finished with Barry. He helped me get the right people on to Barry, then the doctors and hospitals took over. New technology saved Barry’s life. Emory University Hospital had Barry in the procedure room before I made it to the hospital. I thank the Good Lord above for guiding the doctors in the proper care Barry needed. Although, his stroke continued once the clot was out of the picture, Barry is alive and thriving.






Since starting our blog, our lives are finally calming down. My illness is settling into a routine of check-ups and Barry is getting stronger each day. Mom is even settling into our routine(Surprise, surprise)

Barry and I are about to embark on a new voyage in our lives. When he retires, we will have time to run around and do what we want. Travel; be lazy;  work in the yard; go to church; visit family; who knows, maybe we will see a movie at the theater…..I have a huge list of ideas, I just have to talk Barry into it. Barry will have a tough time adjusting to staying home. He has driven downtown(Atlanta) to work for over 30 years, sleeping past 6am is already a challenge for him on the weekends. After 9 years of marriage, I can say one thing about Barry L. Baynes. The sweet man despises change!


If you do not know CPR, LEARN IT! You may need it some day!

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