Daily Prompt: Breaking the Law

Think about the last time you broke a rule (a big one, not just ripping the tags off your pillows). Were you burned, or did things turn out for the best?


Backseat Betty made me do it! My stepson graduated from basic training and we took a road trip to Kentucky to watch the ceremony. My mom (Backseat Betty) went with us. 

After the ceremony there was a problem with his orders, so he could not leave. Barry stayed with him waiting for his orders and mom, I and Frank’s then girlfriend headed back to Georgia in the dark. We had an eight-hour ride ahead of us with my mother at my side. 

By the time we hit the Georgia State line, I was ready to get out of the car. Fortunately, we were now only three hours from home. The closer we got to home, the faster I drove and mom kept telling me I was speeding every thirty seconds. By the time we got to the Tucker, Ga. City Limits, the police stopped ignoring me. I was pulled over almost immediately. 

I tried to explain the situation to the officer, with my mother chattering to him behind me telling him I’d been speeding since Kentucky. I got the largest speeding ticket, I had ever received, from this officer. I said ‘Thank you’, slowed down and headed home with mom in my ear lecturing me on the dangers of driving fast.


We were at my house within 30 minutes. I got her bag out of the car, put it in hers and said ‘Go Home Now!’ She didn’t argue, she left quickly.

I definitely felt burned by mom, not the cop. If Backseat could have kept her mouth shut, it might not have been so bad. Today, I flat-out refuse to be in a car with my mother longer than one hour! Let my sisters take her on long trips! 

A Little Girl’s Red-Fringed Boots

I met the sweetest little girl tonight while attending church. Our church is always bustling with children, from wee-little ones to teenagers ready to hit the world running. The teenagers all dress alike, but they have so many personalities. They all seem to be incredibly good kids.

The wee little ones are always the most precious. Dressed by mommy or daddy in Sunday’s finest. Hairdo’s adorable enough to match their cute little outfits. Bows or flowers for the little girls and the little boys with their ‘spit-shine’ side part trying to make them look like little men. Just adorable.

Today was baby dedication Sunday, and everyone was all dolled up. The color of the day appeared to be red and black. Maybe it had something to do with the falcons playing this afternoon, maybe not. They were just eaten up with cuteness!

This young woman walked in with her mom. She had to be around 6 years old, tall and thin. As she walked past us, I noticed her boots. They did not match her dress, but they were the coolest red-fringed boots I had ever seen. The boots matched nothing she was wearing, so they really stood out!  As she was passing, I called out to her that ‘I love your boots!’

A few minutes later, she came back and started talking to me. Until this point, I had felt the kids just thought of me as the woman in the wheelchair. They were nice, but just ignored me. Almost like they were scared of me. I can be scary, I guess. after all I do walk and talk funny.


I could not find a picture of red-fringed boots.

Her name was Michelle and she was full of questions about why I needed a wheelchair and what was wrong with me. I answered as many as I could appropriately for someone her age.

Then it was my turn for questions. She thought I was silly when I asked if I could borrow her boots. She giggled said, ‘your feet are too big.’I tried to convince her they would look good with my purple wheelchair, but she just would not give them up. I tried a trade next.

I told her I’d swap my wheelchair for her pretty boots. Her comment was ‘I can’t take your chair, you can’t walk.’ Just adorable. She told Barry he needed to take me shopping and ran back over to her mother.

When church services were over, she ran up behind me, hugged my neck and said I was cool. Made my night, but I still want some boots!