Mom and I do not know what to call it…

Mom came to me this morning and said she needed to talk. I requested she let me get breakfast finished and meet me in the living room. She sat down on the couch and stated,

“Jill, I’m scared and do not know what to do.”

Now she was scaring me. I did not know what to think. I asked her;

“Mom, tell me what’s wrong? Are you OK? You are scaring me, talk to me, please.”

She continued with the dreams she was experiencing and they were scaring her. She was swearing she was awake first thing in the mornings and would close her eyes and see trees. She’d open her eyes again and everything is fine.

She said every time she’d close her eyes, something weird would happen. There were times she said that when her eyes closed, it was like she was looking in a mirror. She stuck her tongue out at the image, and it did the same back at her. 

She is still seeing the child floating around the house in a rocker. She asked if Barry and I were seeing it. Of course, I told her no. Next she kept repeating, I’m going crazy, that is the only answer.

We called the doctor to discuss her medications and possible interactions. Mom takes a lot of vitamins. At this time, her doctor thinks she is having a drug interaction between one of her vitamins and drugs. We have her on the right track.

Hopefully, this will solve the problem within a week. If not, I’ll be in search of a specialist and taking her vitamins/pills away from her and giving them to her myself. She will not take that well. She thinks we think she is stupid as it is, I might start World War Three taking her medicines and vitamins from her.

Can I runaway from home? Am I too old? I guess I should take Barry and Maggie with me. 


Importance of Sleep

Main health effects of sleep deprivation (See ...



Have you ever had one of those days when nothing goes you’re way?

Two days ago, I hadn’t rested well for over a week. I had a free day and thought”awww, I’ll get some rest”. Little did you know, the people I live with are making plans.

Mom was feeling good and decided she wanted to go work out and wanted me to go with her. She pops her head in my room and screeches wake-up, sleepyhead. I told her to “go away”. When she left, I was wide awake, so I got up and had breakfast. I tried my best to relax and sleep while she was gone. I was starting to doze off when she walked in again.


Barry was not at home, so I let my mother know I was going to take a nap. I couldn’t get comfy in bed, so I headed for my favorite chair in the living room. I nicely asked her to let me nap.

I got comfy under my blanket and got ready for a good ole’ snooze. I was starting to relax and kinda dozey, when mom felt it necessary to check on me, in her high heeled boots. She does not have a clue how to walk quietly and on these hardwood floors. I politely told her I was fine and to please let me take a nap.


She started some laundry while I was snoozing. The alarm on the machine kept going off. She got frustrated and woke me up. I got the washer going and headed back to sleep. It wasn’t 10 minutes later and it was buzzing again. I fixed the problem again and attempted to go back to sleep. The same cycle repeated so many times to the point that I was aggravated. Mom finally got her wash done and I got about an hours nap. All that managed to do was make me sleepier.

Barry walked in at 4pm, so it was time to get dinner going and spend time with my sweetheart.


After dinner, I thought I’d relax s little and dozed off in my chair. About 2 hours later Barry had a meeting at the church. He woke me to say he was leaving. There I was, wide awake again.

I attempted to sleep while he was gone without success. He was home in a few hours and we got comfy for the evening. We sat in the living room watching NCIS and I dozed off again. I woke Barry to go to bed. I had just fallen asleep when he woke me up to let me know he was going to the living room, because he could not sleep. I tried for a few minutes to get back to sleep and I was wide awake again. I headed to the living room to watch TV around 3am.  I think I dozed off for a few minutes after 5am.

At 5:45am, Barry was rustling around in his chair and woke me up. It was time for him to get ready for work. I told him I was getting in the bed and if I was asleep when he left, please do not wake me to say goodbye. When I woke up at 1:30 pm the later that day, I felt a little better.


I had some lunch, read a few emails and Barry was home early, due to the weather. He fixed the washing machine while I went back to sleep. I woke up in time to watch the Wednesday night church service on the internet and back to sleep I went. I woke around 1am and drug Barry off to bed. He was up and off to work this morning . Kissed me goodbye and I stayed in bed till 9am. I felt drugged getting up this morning, but I am not sleepy. I actually managed to get a day of rest. Thank you, God!