Daily Prompt: In a Crisis

Honestly evaluate the way you respond to crisis situations. Are you happy with the way you react?

After 26 years of nursing, I react the same way to any emotion evoking situation. No matter what the situation, crisis or otherwise, I am always cool as a cucumber.

There are only a few exceptions to which I will lose my cool, the main one is when the crisis involves a close family member. When Barry had the stroke, I was on top of the situation until help arrived and then I lost it. I couldn’t drive myself to the hospital.

The second is if the “Chipmunks’ are on the movie screen, I have a tendency to burst into tears. I do not understand this one at all, but hey…..it happens!

As a trained professional, am I extremely happy with my reaction to a crisis. I think my reaction over a close family member is perfectly normal and I cannot say I should act any other way.

As far as the ‘Chipmunks’ thingy, I haven’t got a clue…..other than they are just so incredibly sweet and absolutely cute as buttons. How can you not get emotional over something soooooo sweet……???? 🙂 🙂

Crazy Thursday Update


For the time being, the bombom doctors says I’m doing great. Going to schedule an ultrasound and MRI just to be safe. Also get me setup on a routine schedule for MRI’s and such. Sooooo, me and the girls are okay for the moment! Yeah!!!!

After telling her all my family secrets, the geneticist is positive by blood work will come back stating that I do have Cowden’s Syndrome. My previous diagnosis was based on the fact that I met most of the diagnostic criteria, without the test. At least I’ll have proof  that my genetic nightmare is real.

The geneticist was particularly fascinated with my big head. It was kinda strange having my head measured over and over. I believe she has answered a question that has puzzled me for years. I don’t like hats cuz I cannot find one to fit my big head!

This is not going to change me! I plan to continue being bull-headed and fight this mess every step of the way!

Crazy Thursday


I would love to be home tomorrow for BrainTumorThursday. Since I cannot be there, I thought I’d share my itinerary with all ofMC900433230 you.

10:00am Barry, I and the girls are going for our first visit with the breast specialist. The girls are having some major issues that freaked my regular gynecologist out, so we get to add another doctor to our list! Yea!

I’m kinda freaked out about seeing a bombom specialist with Cowden’s Syndrome and Lhermitte’s Duclos Disease in the picture, I have to stay on top of health issues. I do not want anything creeping up on me without warning.

After the Bombom doc, we are off to discuss my screwed up genetics with a specialist. I am hoping she can elaborate on this genetic nightmare I am muddling through. I think if I just had a few answers, I’d feel a lot better.

I have been questioning relatives for weeks. I always saw my dad’s side of the family as the healthy side, little did I know they are just better at keeping secrets and keeping things to themselves. I felt so bad when I heard some of the things my cousins have been through.


I can sum my mom’s side of the family up with a few words. They are heart attacks, strokes, factor five ledium, and arthritis. There have been a few cancers in the picture. My Uncle Bud was the worst. The heart attacks do not play around with us, either. One Uncle dropped dead at age 29 from a massive coronary. Three cousins, younger than me, have already suffered BAD heart attacks.

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It is really scary. Both families look incredible, BUT have survived numerous serious illnesses. I guess I get my will to fight from both mom and dad. I come from family of survivors!