Crazy Thursday


I would love to be home tomorrow for BrainTumorThursday. Since I cannot be there, I thought I’d share my itinerary with all ofMC900433230 you.

10:00am Barry, I and the girls are going for our first visit with the breast specialist. The girls are having some major issues that freaked my regular gynecologist out, so we get to add another doctor to our list! Yea!

I’m kinda freaked out about seeing a bombom specialist with Cowden’s Syndrome and Lhermitte’s Duclos Disease in the picture, I have to stay on top of health issues. I do not want anything creeping up on me without warning.

After the Bombom doc, we are off to discuss my screwed up genetics with a specialist. I am hoping she can elaborate on this genetic nightmare I am muddling through. I think if I just had a few answers, I’d feel a lot better.

I have been questioning relatives for weeks. I always saw my dad’s side of the family as the healthy side, little did I know they are just better at keeping secrets and keeping things to themselves. I felt so bad when I heard some of the things my cousins have been through.


I can sum my mom’s side of the family up with a few words. They are heart attacks, strokes, factor five ledium, and arthritis. There have been a few cancers in the picture. My Uncle Bud was the worst. The heart attacks do not play around with us, either. One Uncle dropped dead at age 29 from a massive coronary. Three cousins, younger than me, have already suffered BAD heart attacks.

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It is really scary. Both families look incredible, BUT have survived numerous serious illnesses. I guess I get my will to fight from both mom and dad. I come from family of survivors!

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    • Thank you…the doctors are the ones to worry about. They are the ones dishing out all the delightful news. I swear I didn’t hurt a soul today…..

  1. I understand your fears regarding the heart issues, having CHF. I hope your exams go well tomorrow. Excellent that you are being proactive about your conditions. Me too. Helps one live a longer life. Be well!

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