Find your Voice

Today has been a bit of an eye opener for me. I had a fairly decent day. Some so so news from the doctor and got to do my favorite thing, SHOP! I love to shop and window shop. They both relax me. If I can’t buy anything, I get the extra exercise.

Today, my shopping trip involved my mother. While out with mom for shopping and lunch, I finally realized why she can make me mad at the drop of a hat. Since the brain surgery, my voice has not been the same. Talking is a struggle at times. I had a good singing voice and I can no longer sing without scaring the neighborhood cats. It’s like my attempts at running, you do not want to see it. My singing, well, you really do not want to hear it. For years, I couldn’t sing a note, but since attending church and singing regularly. my voice is slowly returning. Still not good, but better.

Well, while mom and I were out today, she attempted to finish every sentence I started and talked over me every time I tried to start speaking. She is just attempting to be helpful and not let anything cause me further stress, but what I need to do is talk to her and the rest of my family about letting me speak. I may speak slowly, but give me a chance. Take the time to listen. The old me is still in this body and I have a voice I want to use.

Mom even took a pen out of my hand today to put the cap on for me. I couldn’t believe it. When I left rehab, they told me a few things to keep in mind; keep moving and if you don’t use it, you’ll lose it. The ground rules about me will be coming out in a few days. The time has come to get everyone on the same page!