Insomnia versus Zombie-head


I have no trouble taking a nap during the day, but I have been up doing housework, running errands, shopping, and/or exercising.Most days, all the above. I get tired easily during the day.

As the day comes to an end, I cannot turn my head off to save my life. My sweet hubby is next to me sawing logs. The dog is at our feet snoring in tune with Barry. Hear I sit, typing up a storm. The universe does not seem to be lining up for me tonight.

You’d think with some of the medication I’m on, I’d be zonked out cold with everyone else in the house.  Mom is even out for the night.

Dad has trouble sleeping, as well as both my sisters. I usually can nod right off, but not tonight.

I had an adverse reaction to one of the drugs I was on and of course, my brilliant doctors have decided to play with my medication again. I call my neurologist brilliant, because he told me he is and that I’m lucky to get to see him.

I can’t wait to see what he wants to replace it with. Baclofen was working wonderfully and my brilliant neurologist wanted to see what would happen if I came off it. I was back on the drug within a month, but now suddenly, my lower extremities resemble those of an 80-year-old woman.

I truly do not like taking the drug, but it took some of my pain away and didn’t give me ‘Zombie-head’. It had other side effects that were pretty miserable.

Now they will be looking for a substitute. I guess this is just part of the plan and I do not need to question it. I need to take one day at a time, read my Bible and pray for patience. A few sleepless nights won’t hurt my too, too bad. After all, I can stay in bed all day if I want.


MC900441790I love to see the sun popping through the clouds.The birds are active, looking for food in our feeders. I wonder if it is OK to put food out for the birds yet. I’ve soaked the feeders in bleach and cleaned them up. If there were any bird flu germs, they should be gone. I may just start over with new feeders.


The sun is spectacular today, but it is way too cold too get out and enjoy it. It is so sunny and bright, the light is hurting my eyes as it comes through the windows. My knockout roses on the porch are coming out. We’ll have blooms in no time.



The lantana on the side of the house needs to be trimmed, so that the new growth can come through. Sometime in the early spring, I’ll have to get my nephew to help us with fresh mulch.


The Chinese Fringe Flower blooms year round. Not exactly sure when to prune it. I have a few small ones popping up, we’ll need to transplant them. Today is giving me a little touch of spring fever. Although, I need to do a few more eye exercises to see if I can get rid of this sensitivity, I’d love to enjoy the day a little more.


A tale from my past work history…..all names have been changed to protect privacy

alphabets-bear-2-864032I honestly do not remember any names to tell, so I’m really protecting privacy. I used to work for a local mental-health agency. I was part of the walk-in crisis team.

alphabets-bear-2-864032One bright sunny day, a woman walked in the front door, walked up to the desk an proceeded to take every stitch of her clothing off. Next she picked up a half-gallon container she had brought with her and proceeded to pour it all over herself and the front desk. She pulled a lighter from somewhere and lit it. She stated’ they are following me and if you do not get my some help, I’m gonna take you up with me.’

alphabets-bear-2-864032The receptionist ran into my office in a panic. I walked out front of the front desk. The lady proceeded to repeat what she ha told the receptionist and poured more liquid on herself. The lighter was still flaming. 

alphabets-bear-2-864032I walked over to the young woman, leaned in and blew her lighter out. I took it away from her, as well as the jug of liquid. I suggested to the woman to have a seat, I’d get yo her as quick ad I could. Needless to say, she was next.