Insomnia versus Zombie-head


I have no trouble taking a nap during the day, but I have been up doing housework, running errands, shopping, and/or exercising.Most days, all the above. I get tired easily during the day.

As the day comes to an end, I cannot turn my head off to save my life. My sweet hubby is next to me sawing logs. The dog is at our feet snoring in tune with Barry. Hear I sit, typing up a storm. The universe does not seem to be lining up for me tonight.

You’d think with some of the medication I’m on, I’d be zonked out cold with everyone else in the house.  Mom is even out for the night.

Dad has trouble sleeping, as well as both my sisters. I usually can nod right off, but not tonight.

I had an adverse reaction to one of the drugs I was on and of course, my brilliant doctors have decided to play with my medication again. I call my neurologist brilliant, because he told me he is and that I’m lucky to get to see him.

I can’t wait to see what he wants to replace it with. Baclofen was working wonderfully and my brilliant neurologist wanted to see what would happen if I came off it. I was back on the drug within a month, but now suddenly, my lower extremities resemble those of an 80-year-old woman.

I truly do not like taking the drug, but it took some of my pain away and didn’t give me ‘Zombie-head’. It had other side effects that were pretty miserable.

Now they will be looking for a substitute. I guess this is just part of the plan and I do not need to question it. I need to take one day at a time, read my Bible and pray for patience. A few sleepless nights won’t hurt my too, too bad. After all, I can stay in bed all day if I want.

26 thoughts on “Insomnia versus Zombie-head

  1. Hi there Jill. 🙂 I visited your blog this morning to return your visit to mine yesterday. I am new to blogging. 🙂 On reading your Gravatar my heart went out to you and Barry and I will keep in touch. 🙂 I too have a strong belief in God and believe faith in him helps us all to endure the most gruelling of trials. I read a scripture myself the other day that speaks of God’s future for all of us that was very comforting. 🙂 Next time you are having trouble sleeping take a look at Revelation Chapter 21 vs 3,4 🙂

    See you soon. Many warm thoughts going your way. Lisa

    • Hi, Lisa,
      Thank you for the scripture suggestions. I wrote the scripture suggestion down, so I won’t forget. Thank you for the kind words concerning Barry and I. We’ve had a rough few years, but we are still going strong. I love your blog. Your energy and spirit just jump out at you. Makes me feel good while I’m reading. Keep it up! Jill

  2. I hope you had a good sleep, Jill! If it’s not too personal a question, how many people do you live with?

      • Reading this at first I thought it was just your husband and doggie, but I thought I remembered you had written about your mom and it sounded like she lived there. So she out gallivanting around, as my mom would phrase it? You painted the picture so well. It reminded me of nights here when my husband was sick and I was recovering and he was always sleeping while I was awake. I’m so sorry you both have such health problems, Jill.

      • Ahhhhh, Yes mom is with me. My younger sister lives next to dad and mom can’t live alone anymore. We had room, so, she is with us.

        I should write a book about growing up with my mom. When I say she is a character, I’m grossly understating the fact……Jill

  3. Hi Hun 🙂 My mom has the same kind of tumours as you do. I’m sorry you’re going through this. I have a cool not-sleeping trick for you…I am chronic insomniac 🙂 so I have learned how to ENJOY my non-sleeping time 🙂 two meditations: first, laying bed and remember your day, literally relive it, from morning until night to the point where you are laying there, and then back again, from where you are to morning…in as much detail as you can. It’s a great meditation…I usually don’t make it to afternoon remembering before I fall asleep lol. if that fails, then there is “body consciousness”, start at your feet, up to your head, and tell yourself how each part of you feels, laying on the sheets, are they cool, soft, scratchy…get detailed with how each part of your body feels. Another good way to center your energy…even if you don’t sleep. 🙂 Keep on writing! ~peace~ Jo.

    • Jo,
      Thank you for the information. I intend to try it next time I can’t sleep. I like your blog, very energetic. Stop by to visit us here, I plan to keep up with yours. Is your mother well? I hate to hear of anyone going through this. Thank you for being so kind! Jill

    • Jo, Please forgive me. A friend of mine got on my blog reading comments when I spoke about you. I told her I was going to talk to you about your mom and she took it upon herself to do what I was going to. Please forgive me! Sincerely, Jill

  4. Those brilliant doctors. I don’t imagine guinea pigs figured their old job would be taken by us humans. I hope the next drug actually does work brilliantly.

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