MC900441790I love to see the sun popping through the clouds.The birds are active, looking for food in our feeders. I wonder if it is OK to put food out for the birds yet. I’ve soaked the feeders in bleach and cleaned them up. If there were any bird flu germs, they should be gone. I may just start over with new feeders.


The sun is spectacular today, but it is way too cold too get out and enjoy it. It is so sunny and bright, the light is hurting my eyes as it comes through the windows. My knockout roses on the porch are coming out. We’ll have blooms in no time.



The lantana on the side of the house needs to be trimmed, so that the new growth can come through. Sometime in the early spring, I’ll have to get my nephew to help us with fresh mulch.


The Chinese Fringe Flower blooms year round. Not exactly sure when to prune it. I have a few small ones popping up, we’ll need to transplant them. Today is giving me a little touch of spring fever. Although, I need to do a few more eye exercises to see if I can get rid of this sensitivity, I’d love to enjoy the day a little more.


2 thoughts on “Sunshine

  1. Well you see `Hope springs eternal in the human breast` … lucky you with spring just around the corner – we have a thick blanket of snow – I was out in the garden early in my dressing gown checking the bird feeders – I am sure they will repay me with their song when our spring springs – meanwhile I hope – eternally!

    • It has been raining so much and a huge snow storm went just above us. I’m glad it’s cold, kill off a few bugs. We had a nasty bug-filled spring last year. I love the knock-out roses, they will live through anything. Other than the porch, won’t catch me outside in my pajamas. I’d hate to scare the neighbors. We were told not to feed the birds through the latter part of the summer, due to bird flu.I need to check with the county. I have a yard made for bird feeders. The little guys wake me every morning.

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