Crazy Thursday Update


For the time being, the bombom doctors says I’m doing great. Going to schedule an ultrasound and MRI just to be safe. Also get me setup on a routine schedule for MRI’s and such. Sooooo, me and the girls are okay for the moment! Yeah!!!!

After telling her all my family secrets, the geneticist is positive by blood work will come back stating that I do have Cowden’s Syndrome. My previous diagnosis was based on the fact that I met most of the diagnostic criteria, without the test. At least I’ll have proof  that my genetic nightmare is real.

The geneticist was particularly fascinated with my big head. It was kinda strange having my head measured over and over. I believe she has answered a question that has puzzled me for years. I don’t like hats cuz I cannot find one to fit my big head!

This is not going to change me! I plan to continue being bull-headed and fight this mess every step of the way!

7 thoughts on “Crazy Thursday Update

  1. My Mom said my head was big because my BRAIN was big too. She was a nurse and I thought it was just me. When my daughter was born 32 years ago doctors were concerned about her big head till they measured mine. Growing up I told her she had big brains too and yes we both were in band. Yes I have few hats too. My hubby is bald and is always reminding me to get my hat. One size hats do not fit me.

    • My hubby is bald too…only time you see him in a hat is when it is very cold! I wasn’t able to have kids, so I have spoiled my niece and nephews and sent them home.

  2. I had to laugh at the hat comment. I very distinctly remember being fitted in high school for band uniforms and the band mom volunteer said – wow, you’ve got a big head! 30 years later, I still remember that comment. Now, in relation to the Cowden’s, I get to see just how big. :^)

    • I love it! I just never liked a hat. Besides getting one to fit my head would be expensive. My mom always told me my head was so big to accommodate my big brain…….Jill

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