My Brilliant Doctor

I’m a little frustrated. Heading to the Neurologist office in am. He is the one that likes to experiment with different drugs to control my symptoms. I recently had to come off a drug he had prescribed, so I’m curious to see what he wants to replace it with. I’m not ready for permanent Zombie-land, but I do need some relief. We’ll see, I need to quit stressing over what he wants to do.

After our visit with him, I’ll be headed to the boobie department for a test and see the (if the test says I need to). I’m hoping we can squash the breast cancer issue tomorrow afternoon. All this hurry up and wait junk is driving me nutty. I need to give it to God and stop worrying.

10 thoughts on “My Brilliant Doctor

  1. I “liked” this just to give you a nice smiley face. I hope things went well, Jill. xoxo

  2. Turning it over to God is a mantra of self help programs but when the house is burning down, I want at least the garden hose ready. We must do the footwork but accept that God controls the outcome. Turning over to God, in my experience, does not exclude our proactive efforts. I do what I can and then turn it over to God.

    • I can see your point. I’d love to have a garden hose handy if a fire breaks out! According to what the doctor says tomorrow, I may want to squirt him with it!

  3. I always stress out before I head off to the neuro as well, I can’t figure out why because its highly unlikely that he will find something else that’s wrong.
    Hope that it all goes well xxx

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