Most Influential Blog 2012 Award


Most Influential Blog 2012 Award!

Thank you so much to Martha of

for nominating me for the Most Influential Blog 2012 Award!  Her blog, Inlovewiththelord, inspires me to continue writing and helps keep my faith strong in the Lord.  Her comments on my blog, are sweet, kind and encouraging. Thank you, Martha, for your kind words. I encourage you to check out Martha’s blog. Be prepared to be inspired. 

My nominees are listed below in no particular order.  They have greatly influenced me and touched my life on a regular basis and I thank them and congratulate them for being among the Most Influential Blogs of 2012.

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16 thoughts on “Most Influential Blog 2012 Award

  1. That is OK I didn’t want to get excited if I didn’t get the award! *LOL* And thank you, I really, really do appreciate it, and it is so nice to hear when people enjoy my work.

    • Russell, sorry about that. It was there when I first posted it. I’ll get it back on there. Sorry bout that! My tablet acts up sometimes and I have to get the laptop out! You are definitely nominated. Thanks for the support. I enjoy your blog……Jill

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