Six Word Fridays- Hand/Hands

button-1Barry and I hand in hand. I love Barry’s strong, warm hands. I need Barry’s help at times. His hands are always there. When I need a hand on steps. When I need a hand up. His hands are always readily there. His comfort makes me feel whole.

I have a husband deserving much. His hands deserve things my hands. Can no longer function to give. My hands shake when they function. I want to show Barry love. I want to show him appreciation. I will find another way love.  Can shine through to Barry’s heart.

I will figure a way love. Can shine through my actions daily. I need him to know love. Still shines through in my actions. He deserves that and much more. His wonderful hands show me daily. That he loves me unconditionally always. He joins me in God’s hands. God’s plan guides our daily life. His watchful hands guide us daily.

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