Awards Night…….

This is a re-post from the night I got notified of the award. I’ll do my best to finish it now:

Thank you for the nomination, Sheri at! I’m about to go to head off to sleep. I’ll post all of this tomorrow. Pooped tonight!

Thank you again for thinking of me. You are too kind!

Sheri at writes an extremely fresh, well organized blog that I enjoy reading daily. Her poetry is creative,thought provoking, both inspirational and motivational.

The Shine On Award

nominated by randomuzings and the othersideofugly

nominated by randomuzings and the othersideofugly

To me this award is for the blogs that shine, make you feel good and are inspiring to the reader. The blogosphere is a large place and there are so many blogs out there that deserve this award.

Sheri had a beautiful piece written up about this blog, but the link I received is no longer working.

I’m going on memory for the requirements for the award, but I’m sure I have forgotten something. I have to nominate 15 blogs, as well as recommend notable blogs that tickle my fancy. I believe their wrote some questions to be answered, but I’m not sure. I’ll add just a few things about me just to bore you to tears!

I am going with some of the newer blogs I have recently discovered, as well as a few I have been following for a while. Then my list of ‘Tickle my fancy’ Blogs are going to be a mixture of the two as well.

My nominations are as follows: I hit publish when I meant to save as draft until I notified everyone. I’ll get that done after our church service is over tonight. Please forgive me!

The blogs that tickle my fancy:

A few things about myself:

I’m a southern belle, through and through…

I do not play games, I speak what is on my mind!

God, my husband and my family are my life. I learn something new about all three daily!

I’m attempting to figure out how to garden from my wheelchair….

I try to see the good in everyone…..

I can be gullible….

If God had had it in his plans for me, I would have had a houseful of children…

My husband is my best friend and a gift from God!

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  3. Thank you very much. I also found you in my Spam folder. I have been seeing more of my blogging peeps in the spam. I wonder why? Congratulations on winning the award, and thank you again!

  4. Just wanted to stop by and let you know that I nominated you for an award. Check out my latest blog post at for more info!

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