Another Award…I should have started a blog a long time ago…It’s good for my ego!

Nominated by knowledgenut and

Nominated by knowledgenut and has nominated me for the Liebster Award. I would like to extend many thanks to her for following my blog and thinking it worthy enough for this award. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart. you are too sweet

The Liebster Award, is a “Pay It Forward” award.

After being nominated for this award, the nominee has to:
– acknowledge the nominating blogger.
– tell 11 facts about themself
-answer the 11 questions the nominating blogger created.
-list 11 bloggers who have 200 followers or less (as far as you can tell) , and who you believe deserve recognition and encouragement to continue blogging.
– post 11 questions for the bloggers you nominated to answer.
– tell all of the bloggers you nominated that they have been nominated.
– you cannot nominate someone who nominated you.
11 Facts About Me
– I’m happily married
– I’m disabled
– I love flowers
– I love to mow the grass
– I can be obstinate in a big way, especially when my brilliant physicians are messing with my meds
– I love the Lord
– My husband loves me
– I have a dog child named Maggie that loves me
– Barry and I are raising my mother
– I’m a true southern belle
– I love my quirky family
My 11 Nominees:
My questions for you:
1. If you could be any superhero, who would you be and why? I think I’d like to be Superman. This is my choice because he can do so many things, that I can no longer do. Of course, I cannot fly or anything like that, I’m referring to other things like running, jumping, and picking up heavy things. I actually miss helping carry the groceries in.
2. What are your hobbies? Gardening, my husband, reading my bible, studying and learning more about God’s word, my family, taking pictures, my dog, drawing, my fish, raising my mother, keeping my body strong with exercise, my blog, creating my coping webpage
3. What are you passionate about? learning more about and educating others about my genetic disease. Keeping my body as strong as possible to help me make it through this genetic nightmare I am mixed up in.
4. Why did you start your blog? A psychologist dealing with neurological disorders suggested I start a journal to write my feelings down. The blog was my idea and I actually love it. It helps me relieve stress or get over a stressful situation once it is written.
5. If you could have any job for a week, what would it be and why? I’d be either a greeter at Walmart or a hostess at a restaurant. I can think of numerous people currently in these positions locally that could use a lesson in customer service. Maybe I should change this to I’d like to be a trainer to people in these positions.
6. What type of music do you like? Pop, gospel, country, rock
7. Who inspires you? My husband inspires me. He survived a stroke no one expected him to and managed to get healthy enough to go back to work. He is healthier than ever!
8. What is your proudest moment? After having brain surgery, I walked myself out of the hospital with just a little assistance.
9. If your blog had a soundtrack, what five songs would you choose?  Mercy Me, “I can only Imagine’….inspirational, Josh Turner, ‘Loretta Lynn’s Cadillac…fun, Amy Grant, ‘I will remember you’….good song, nice tune, inspirational…Ray Stevens, ‘The Streak’…just funny, The theme song to ‘The Monkey’s’….fun to sing
10. What is your favorite animal and why?  Boxer Bulldog, I grew up with a sweet pup named Cleo and Barry and I now own the second sweetest pup to inhabit the earth. 
11. What is one thing you hope to see during your lifetime? I would like to see a cure for all brain tumors. It would relieve so much suffering in this work. Better educated doctors and a more patient focused healthcare systems.
My questions for my nominees:

1. Name a book that changed your life? 

2. Who is your favorite author/writer? 

3. How many pets do you have and what are their names?

4. Name the craziest thing you’ve done? 

5. Who’s my best friend? 

6. Name a childhood prank? 

7. Who are your favorite music artists? 

8. Name a place you would love to visit? Greece

9. If I had just 5 minutes left to live, what is the one thing you would do?

10. What’s my favorite sport? 

11. How do I define love? 

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