Be Patient

I hate to do this, but the doctor is patching both my eyes through the weekend. I can’t focus on anything and I’m being told my eyes need a rest.

If I get a post completed, Barry has graciously agreed to do the typing for me. He enjoys it as much as I do. He wants to help keep the blog up. Unfortunately, he’ll be doing a lot of things for me this weekend. I’ll take it easy on him.

Hopefully my eyes will straighten out and I can take things over again at the first of the week. Have a wonderful weekend, all!!

13 thoughts on “Be Patient

  1. Just popped over from Gooseyann as your name intrigued me…I am so sorry that you are having eye problems…I do hope that you will soon be back to normal again..what a lovely Husband you have! I shall be back tomorrow.

  2. Yes, be patient and rest your eyes. We will still be here when you get back ;). I love the new pic! xo

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