It might snow in Georgia!

I grew up here in Georgia, so I am used to the weather changes and everything else that comes with them. When the weatherman or woman mentions that next ‘four-letter’ word (snow), it sets off the mad rush to the grocery store for bread and milk.  it reminds me of one of those old movies that involves a really good sale. There will be a mass of people banging on the store door waiting for someone to open it and then trampling all over each other to get inside.

I have an appointment in a few hours, I plan to stop at the grocery store for a few things. I’ll take some pictures if I can and post them later.

When I was younger, our weather could get bad, quick. It would shut the entire city down for weeks. Now that technology has improved and the weather is lighter; the need to clear out the grocery store, at the mere mention of snow is long gone.

The other side of this story is when there is a bit of ice and snow on the ground, remember how to drive! There are other people out on the road. If you aren’t thinking of your safety, think about those around you! Everyone needs to get home!

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