Daily Prompt: Musical

What role does music play in your life?


In school, music was all I thought about. As I grew older, music became rather miniscule in my life. Church, Marriage, Family, Home-making, and Career kicked in and took over my life.

I have always loved to sing. I have always been part of our church choir. I sang in the chorus through middle and high school. Loved every minute of it. I would sing anything, even theme songs to television shows. Music took a backseat in my life and about the only time I had to listen to music was in the car or on an elevator.In the car, I’d roll the windows down, turn the radio up and sing my fool head off. I was a wonderful feeling. I continue to do so today, but it is not as pleasant as it used to be.

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Since the craniotomy in 2009, my vocal cords have twitched. this makes it difficult to even talk some days. Barry and I found a church home last April and I have begun to sing when the congregation does. My vocal cords are actually letting me sing at times. Although, I’m sure every cat within range is screeching with me, but I give it my all. It feels wonderful to have a small piece of something back I thought I had lost.

I’m not ready to solo, but who knows……..

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