Daily Prompt: Shoulda Woulda Coulda

          mermaidbrunetteTell us about something you know you should do . . . but don’t.

Honestly, I do not where to go with this one, but I think I’ll stick with an issue that has come up a few times today.

I hate to fold and put away clothes. Before I lost partial use of my left hand, I hated doing the laundry. I can get them in the washer, just fine. But when it comes to folding, hanging up and putting them away, I lose it. I’m useless.

These days, it is hard to do these things one-handed. I have to look at activities from a stand point of it being beneficial to me or whether it will drain my energy for the day.

In my eyes, I’d rather scrub the nastiest toilet on earth and not deal with the laundry. That is a really sad statement. Instead of dealing with nice, fresh clean things, I’d rather take care of one of the nastiest things in a home.

For the moment, I think I will continue to let mom handle things. She doesn’t like how I do it anyhow. She enjoys shrinking my clothes to make herself a new wardrobe. If I helped with the laundry, I might not get to shop as much! I love to shop, so no laundry for me, unless necessary.

Besides, I’d hate to give Barry the shock of his life!


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