My brilliant Doctor, part 2


I must tell you about yesterday at the beautiful Emory Campass in Decatur, Georgia. The neurologist report was actually good. He has finally learned that I am sensitive to medication and did not go off on a wild tangent trying different drugs.


I was actually so happy. It was the first time since 2010 that I received a good report from this guy. I could have kissed then cute little old man. Just adorable. 


Then, came our second appointment for the day and those words no woman should ever have to hear. There are 2 areas showing on the right side. We are unsure of what one is, but the other appears to be cancer. We need to do a need to do needle biopsies as soon as possible to get some answers.


We added this to all the other treatments I have scheduled through the next month. I only have a few scheduled: close neck ultrasound, kidney workup and ultrasound, MRI of the brain, MRI of left knee with possible surgery,  MRI of breasts, and now needle biopsies in right breast. I have a busy month of probing and proding.


Would anyone like to change places?

2 thoughts on “My brilliant Doctor, part 2

  1. I’ll trade with you so you can get some relief for a bit. You’ll just have to follow my med regime, you won’t have to subjected to these millions of tests xxx

    • Ahhhhhh, thank you! You just have to make sure my dog goes out and my husband gets home safe. He’ll be asleep in his chair 2 hours after he gets in. He’s harmless……Jillxx

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