Daily Prompt: Nightmares


Describe the last nightmare you remember having. What do you think it meant?

Let me see, my most recent nightmare involves myself, my husband, mother, and our dog. Barry and I designed and helped build the home we now live in. I actually had the pleasure of putting the first nail in the house. I am honestly surprised the house is still standing.

Back to the nightmare….

Well, we had a long day of yard work and were sitting down to eat supper. Maggie, our adorable boxer, was asleep on the couch. Poor girl, exhausted from playing outside, while we worked.

Suddenly there was a large crash upstairs and then it sounded like footsteps on the stairs. Barry stood to check the noise out. As he got near the stairs, the noise stopped, mom and I heard a loud gasp from Barry. As we rounded the corner to the staircase, we both stopped in our tracks.

Coming down the stairs was a floating rocking chair with a little girl sitting in it rocking and singing, ‘You are my Sunshine’. All the commotion woke Maggie up and I realized she was at my feet when I heard a low growl. Barry, Mom and I all started backing up, as the rocking chair floated closer and passed us. Maggie started to bark, while after the chair.

The chair floated through the kitchen, into the dining room and then the living room and headed back to the stairs. The child continuously singing the same song. We all looked at each other, befuddled over what just happened.

No one volunteered to go upstairs to check things out. We went back to the table and finished eating. We could here what sounded like a rocker on the floor above us and occasionally a child singing. Maggie was back on the couch sound asleep.

I haven’t got a clue where this dream came from. Mom had told me that she thought she saw a floating rocking chair when she was having a bad day and we had spicy food for supper, I went to sleep with a stomach ache. Those are the only reason I can think of for such craziness in my dreams. Of course, all the above mixed with my night medication, could explain it all.


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