Exercise with the ‘Rowdy Roosters’

I slept late, this morning and just started the day off slow! So, I had to reschedule an 11am appointment till 2pm.

I got mom to her exercise class late. She refuses to go unless I take her. Then I managed to go upstairs and do 2 miles on the recumbent bike. Apparently while the wives are in exercise class downstairs, all the senior husbands use the gym upstairs to exercise a bit themselves and watch the class through the windows. They are so cute, making comments about how the class is going. They also talk A LOT. Everyone has heard the saying about a room full of women being like a group of “clucking hens”! Well, I hate to tell you guys, but it can apply to you also. When it applies to men, do we use the term “Rowdy Roosters”?

It was so noisy in the gym I had to leave. Since the surgery, my head doesn’t handle a lot of chatter. I’ll have to hit the gym when the senior exercise is not in session. A peaceful workout for me, is essential. I’ll have to take my headphones next time, just in case…..

I did finally make my appointment. It feels great to have a slow start to the day workout