Laughter over Tears, which do you choose? Your decision………..

I realize that several of you may not find some of our posts amusing. I apologize, sincerely, if anyone has been offended. What I post on here is a way for Barry and I to relieve stress. With the nightmare we have been through since 2009, if we can’t laugh about it we’d cry. We refuse to turn into a couple of crybabies. We refuse to let this get us down, so we have fun with it! Life is what you make it!!!!! 

Try to find the lighter side of a situation. God obviously isn’t finished with us, so we decided to make it interesting. No negative Nellie’s around this house, although we do have to work over-time to keep my mom in the right frame of mind. She can swing back and forth faster than we can keep up with at times. Ya know, that is a story in it’s own right, for another day.

Nap time….have a qreat afternoon everyone!