Daily Prompt: Use It or Lose It!

This is my first daily prompt. I could not resist, because the title fits my everyday life. Every minute of every day can be summarized by ‘Use it or Lose it’.

I get up in the mornings and walk past my wheelchair to start my day. If I do not continue to walk, it will get to the point that I can’t.

I exercise one hour everyday because my muscles have a way of forgetting how to act right, so I have to remind them.

I read my bible everyday, to strengthen my relationship with God and it exercises my eyes. Makes the muscles in my eyes work. They also tend to forget, overnight, how to act right. I also do about an hour of eye exercises daily just to help keep them strong. I do not care to lose my eyesight.

If I am up to it, I try to run a few errands alone, to keep up my stamina and maintain my independence. I love to window shop, if I can’t get out on my own, not sure what I’d do. Had my driver’s license a long time and I am not ready to part with it!

The one thing I did not like losing was my hair! It is hard to style your hair when you only have one useful hand. Short hair is easy to style and I can use my left hand enough to hold a round brush or a hair dryer. I will admit, I miss my ponytail!

Just about everything in my life works with the phrase, “Use it or Lose it”!

11 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Use It or Lose It!

  1. Hi…you sound like you have a great attitude. That’s awesome! Thank you for following my blog. I really appreciate it. Have a fantastic day!

  2. Jill, this is so true! Thanks for pointing that out to me who needs to seat herself in the stationery bicycle seat, not just the computer chair ;). Happy new year!

    • When I left rehab, the main advice they gave me, was to keep moving! If you had told me 20 years ago I’d be exercising like this, I’d have laughed at you so hard I’d wet myself.

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