To believe or not to believe…..

‘New Years Superstitions’: I’ve never considered myself superstitious, but my sweet hubby insists every year that I adhere to one he grew up with. His mom and dad would NEVER wash laundry on New Years Day.

I believe it goes something like this: “If you wash your clothes on New Year’s Day, you will be washing a member of your family away.” 

You can read about others at the link I have provided. Several of them sound kind of silly. If you tried to do everything they suggest, you’d have one incredibly busy midnight hour at the beginning of every year.

In my opinion, this one is kinda creepy, but Barry says that both his mother and father were adamant about observing this superstition. Honestly, I hate doing laundry. I’m not gonna argue when Barry tells me not to.

6 thoughts on “To believe or not to believe…..

  1. I was told that the way in which you spend New Year’s Day is a foretelling of the way you will spend the rest of the year. – This is a great reason for me to avoid laundry and other chores on that day!

  2. Let me know, I can get my mom on the next flight, if you want. She even has a passport already…..She loves to work a room in a group of people………..heeeheeeeheeeee……Barry is laughing really hard at this moment!

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