Crazy Dream…….


I woke this morning thinking to myself, ‘that is the craziest nonsense I’ve dreamed lately’. Most of the time when you wake up, you can remember bits and pieces of where your dreams have taken you through the night.

When I climbed out of bed this morning, I felt like I was in the middle of a real situation. I told Barry and Miss Maggie ‘Good Morning’, and Barry told me to ‘get my lazy tail up, I know what happens when I miss breakfast’. I haven’t a clue what he was referring to, but it played right into my dream. You’ll understand in a few minutes.

Now to the crazy part:

In my dream, the world we live in was a  little (lot) different. Anything considered unhealthy was illegal.

Eating at a fast food joint was illegal. There were only a few still open, and  they ran you thumb print, searched you, and checked your car before letting you in the door. Then there was a cover charge to get a table, $20.00.

McDonald’s and Zaxby’s were the only two brave enough to stay open. I guess it’ll take a nuclear disaster to get rid of Mickey D’s.

If the police caught you in the parking lot, you could be arrested. They drove through regularly to check car tags. They kept track of who frequented the restaurants and when.

Soda was another thing that was outlawed. As a Diet Coke addict, this is the one that would have me in permanent residence under the jail. I just do not see myself hiding in a closet to have a Diet Coke!

You had to get up eat a healthy breakfast, healthy lunch and supper and eat two nutritious snacks daily. They somehow monitored your activities at home and at work. If you were caught, it was off to jail.

You got a public flogging if you fed something unhealthy to a child under the age of 12. The law was drastically toward keeping our children healthy.I was in the middle of being flogged when Barry woke me.

My sister visited that day, the dream was still in my head. My nephew asked for a drink, I knew all I had on-hand was Diet Coke. It actually crossed my mind about what would happen if I gave him a soda.

If you had a bad mouth, it was a public flogging. Anything that was ugly and deemed inappropriate in society today, was illegal in this crazy world I was dreaming about.

I thought about it all day, trying to figure out where this craziness came from in my head. Until I remembered we had watched “Demolition Man” the night before this dream.

I do not ever remember a dream affecting me like this. Maybe, it was something I ate. By the way, we have not frequented Mickey D’s in quite some time!

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