Daily Prompt: Quote Me

Do you have a favorite quote that you return to again and again? What is it, and why does it move you?

-Follow your bliss!-Joseph Campbell http://www.jcf.org/new/index.php

I have always taken this one to mean ‘follow what you love’. You cannot be happy in life, if you do not enjoy what you do. When my niece and nephews would ask me questions about what to do with their lives, I’ve told them to figure out what they love and go for it. If they choose right, they’ll shine. If not, keep looking until they find what makes them happy. One nephew is a pastor, this choice suits him perfectly. His twin brother is an artist and professional ballroom dancer, he has been showing his creative side since he was five years old. Their sister, is the perfect mother, wife and homemaker. She plans to homeschool her kids, which will be a breeze for her. My sister did a fabulous job with her kids. Of course, my brother-in-law is included in this praise.

-The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are.-Joseph Campbell http://www.jcf.org/new/index.php

I continue with this quote with my younger nephews, who are still young enough to be figuring out who they are and what they want to be. They are both sweet, loving boys; but with totally different personsalities. I’m enjoying watching them grow into handsome young men and I encourage them to be themselves regularly. They will eventually figure out who they are and where they are headed in life. My younger sister is doing a wonderful job with her boys. She is a great mom with many challenges, but they are getting there. Of course, my brother-in-law is included in this praise.

I attempt to apply this one to myself daily. I learned early in life that I am a caregiver. I went to nursing school and worked for over 25 years before we had to close our business. I continue to be a caring, loving individual I have always been. I receive phone calls for medical advice regularly and do my best to give accurate, fabulous advice because I wouldn’t want to steer anyone in the wrong direction.

Even though I may not be actively working, I take care of my mother, my husband and myself daily. Sometimes it isn’t easy to be, the one person in the house, with the best memory. Making all the decisions can be a bit tedious at times. Barry has been in management for over 30 years, he isn’t the easiest person in the world to take being told what to do or how to do something. I am trying every avenue I know to figure out how to work with Barry. I don’t want to argue with him daily when he retires. I have to remember that Barry is only being who he is and that is his priviledge!

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