The “New” Barry is at it again!

Barry went to Kroger alone this afternoon. While at the store, he was to pick up items to make fresh salsa for tomorrow night.

My adorable, little husband gets a bunch of fresh cilantro  and a sprig falls off as he bags it. Instead of tossing it in the garbage, he puts it behind his ear and continues his shopping. He said he had everyone pointing at him and giggling like school kids.

He said the clerk checking him out, asked between giggles, if he was aware he had something behind his ear?

He smiled, stated, “Why, yes ma’am, I do. I’m hoping my wife will mistake it for mistletoe.” and walked out with his purchase. He said he looked back and she was laughing uncontrollably.

My husband minus his filter, you gotta love him!

8 thoughts on “The “New” Barry is at it again!

    • He’s not an engineer, is he? They would get along fabulously. He is like a totally different person since the stroke. Some of his silliness can’t be put on here! They can actually make me turn red!

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