Assume the position!!!!! :-) :-) :-) :-)

By the title, I can say, I don’t mean what you think. I’m referring to the position Barry had to assume to dry his pants in the Walmart bathroom.

Barry was being a sweety helping me find a cart a Walmart. The area the carts are stored in is dark. As usual, the staff at the local Walmart, had failed to plugin anything to recharge.

On top of that, the second cart he tried had a wet seat. Poor Barry sat down in it. We stopped by after church, so he was in his Sunday clothes. We went to the family restroom, where we attempted to clean him up as much as possible.

We discovered the seat was wet because someone had urinated or had a diaper leak in the seat. As Barry squatted in front of the hand dryer, it became more and more evident exactly what he sat in. He looked like he was trying to do some form of ‘booty dance’. It was funny, but it wasn’t, ya know! I felt so bad for him…….

Barry went to the car and got out of his pants, covered up with a blanket and waited while I picked up mom’s meds and a few groceries.

You should have seen Barry running in the house with his pants in his hands when we arrived home.

Walmart not only does not plug the carts up to recharge, apparently they do not clean them after someone urinates in the seat.

I go to Walmart to shop, because of these carts. I cannot walk more than 200 feet without needing to sit down. It troubles me, that I cannot trust the carts to be somewhat sanitary. I cannot get sick. I clean the handles and wipe the seat before I shop, but this one was in a dark area and the seat was nasty.

What is a disabled person to do? If stores are going to provide these carts, they should take care of them.

Then on the other hand, as customers, we need to plug them up if we can and let them know if one is dirty.

What is happening in this world? We used to care about each other. This world needs to change. Badly……

6 thoughts on “Assume the position!!!!! :-) :-) :-) :-)

  1. That is disgusting. I’m so sorry Barry had to go through that. What is wrong with people anyway? And a business where you are paying money ought to be beyond accommodating!! Good luck with the manager!! xo Luanne

  2. OOOOOHHH that steams me. I despise walmart for many reasons anyway…

    Please call the store back and ask for the head-manager on duty. Explain the situation in great detail. See what he/she may do for you both. Further, send an email to, or call Bentonville, Arkansas. Let them know too.

    This is nasty, and shows just how extinct customer service has become in this country. I’m sorry your husband was humiliated by this.

    • Thank you, email already sent and I have an appointment with the manager in the morning. It is crazy what customer service has turned into. I can’t drive far, so that store is close for something quick. The cart situation is bad almost every time we go min there.

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