Awards Office: open one more day only! I’m pooped!

I have one more to type up. It is taking a little longer than I anticipated. I’ll have help in the morning. We will complete the last one and get it posted. Thank you for your patience. My body hasn’t cooperated like it should, this week. It can be very frustrating to be in a normal body that does not want to work. Again, I promise, first thing in the morning. Have a great evening.



4 thoughts on “Awards Office: open one more day only! I’m pooped!

  1. Oh I do sympathise – my awards are gathering dust in the Inbox waiting for me to get the time to deal with them -although I much appreciate the thought behind them.

    • I hear you, I got 4 of those at once. I saved the blog of the year for last. You have to write something about the blog you are nominating. We have been swamped and I have not had a chance to do a lot of reading.

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