Daily Prompt: Call Me, Maybe

Describe your relationship with your phone. Is it your lifeline, a buzzing nuisance, or something in between?

When cell phones first came out, I hated the things. They were big, clunky and more expensive than they were worth.

Next, I landed a job that required I be on-call 24/7. To start they provided pagers (some of you younger people may not know what that is). They were a bigger nuisance, because of stopping at pay phones and keeping up with change. I hate change!

Cell phones were still toooooooo expensive. 

Over the years, as technology improved cell phones became less expensive and so much smaller! But, they were still expensive. One month, my stepson’s bill alone was over $1000. He’s lucky to still be with us.

Now that prices have stabilized and phones are more convenient. I  believe I only like my phone because it is a necessity. Being disabled, I feel more comfortable, being out alone. If my car breaks down, I can call for help. There’s a GPS on it, if I get lost and tons of games to keep me busy if any of the above happens.

I guess I will go with something in-between. I’d rather not have to keep up with it, but there are times when I would totally consider the thing a buzzing nuisance.

I never want to be put in the class of people who considers a cell-phone a life line. Will our future generations be able to talk to one another? Or write a letter, note or list if they need to? Consider me old-school or just plain old! I do not care, the convenience aspect of a cell-phone is marvelous. Everything else can be considered a buzzing nuisance!

2 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Call Me, Maybe

  1. In the UK a mobile phone (that`s what they are called over here) is a `musthave` for the younger generation who seem to spend all their time -wherever they are – chatting to who knows who? I`ve had one for about 15 years now – initially bought because I was regularly driving around England on my own and it was a backup in case of breakdown. These days it seems to be used to remind George to get something on the shopping list!

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