Backseat Betty……..Will I ever learn????

I am totally aware that my mom is the worst backseat driver, yet I continue to allow her in the front seat when I am driving. We have had the talk about my need for quiet and focus while behind the wheel, then we get in the car and my mind goes blank with her beside me in the front. I truly appreciate her willingness to go out with me when I am not comfy going alone. She needs to get out of the house as much as I do and we both love to SHOP!

If I hadn’t had the shopping diversions this morning, I would have arrived home bald. Ok, my morning out with mom, here goes…..

Distraction number:

1. She started talking the minute she sat down in the car. I honestly believe that mom doesn’t know what quiet means.

2. All the chatter, got me distracted and I headed in the wrong direction 2 times, the third time  I headed the wrong way down a one-way street. She screeched so loud,  it’s a wonder any wildlife close-by didn’t come running. We were in no danger whatsoever,  she was reacting to the situation.

3. After 3 previous stops, mom insisted on going to 3 different grocery stores looking for the right pie shell. This is after I told her I was wearing out quick and needed to head home.

We had been out for over 3 hours, my stamina does good to last 2. I sat in the car while she went pie-shell hunting. Kind of reminded me of snipe hunting the first 2 stops. She was looking for something that wasn’t there.

4. Pie-shells acquired and we are headed home. Before we can get out of the parking lot comes screech number 2. Again there was no danger whatsoever. I was in the correct lane to turn, nothing was coming as I went to make a right turn. As I turned a minivan was getting in the line to make a right turn onto another highway. Out came the screech (louder than the first one), she scared me so bad that I jerked the steering wheel. It swerved us into some, thank goodness, empty parking places. If I had jerked just a little harder, I could have turned the car over. Can you imagine having to explain flipping your car in the Publix parking lot to the local police? Momma can drive anyone nuts in the car!” I need my sanity a few more years……….

I love and cherish my mother dearly. I will be there for her when she needs me as she has been for me, i just can’t handle her backseat driving, nor will I let her drive me anywhere. That is for a later post………

One thought on “Backseat Betty……..Will I ever learn????

  1. hehe. That’s alright. We all know someone in our lives that are like that. Can I just suggest that you take deep breathes before you drive with her, while your on the move and after? I bet that could make the transition easier. take care 🙂

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