Death to Dustbunnies

As usual, let me back up and explain a bit. Barry and I designed and helped build our home 6 years ago. The house is great, but since the changes in our health, upstairs has turned into a huge attic and home to our dust bunny collection. It has been over 2 years since the upstairs has been used on a daily basis. We moved the office downstairs, but my sewing machine and other crafty things, I can no longer use, are sitting collecting dust bunnies.

My mom decided today, that she could no longer let them inhabit the upstairs, so first thing this morning, she was armed herself with endust, vacuum and gloves and headed upstairs. I  haven’t heard such a racket in years. Sounded like a war was actually taking place upstairs. Mom survived. I just hope she doesn’t think she doesn’t think she moving anything up there……She has as much business going up and down stairs as Barry and I do…….