The Magic Door…….another “New” Barry moment…….I love that man……

Okie Dokie, here goes…….While out running a few errands, we ended up at a local Jewelry store. An extremely nice,  older blonde salesperson was assisting us. She headed into a door into the back  of the store. A few seconds later, a very attractive, 20+ year younger lady emerged…….Barry looked at me and said ” Hurry, let’s get through that door, maybe it will work on us!”  A  few seconds later, the other salesperson re-emerged, bursting his bubble.

Would it not be wonderful if life were only that easy. He is just so cute with that filter-less head of his at times. Wouldn’t we all love to erase 20 years, by merely walking through a door? With everything we have been through since 2009, I’m not sure I’d want to erase any of the last  10 years. Of course, there are parts of it I’d love to forget, but I wouldn’t want to lose a moment.

In that period of time, along with the bad stuff, there have been several incredible changes in both of our lives. Barry and I met, we were getting to know one another, Barry proposed, we got married, we built our home, we started a successful business, I turned 40 and Barry turned 50 and we found our fabulous puppy dog (unfortunately, after losing another sweet dog).

If the past 20 years were gone, would any of that have happened? Back then, we’d both be newly divorced, or close to it and life was kinda miserable. We hadn’t found each other yet or at that time I’m not sure either of us was interested in another serious relationship.

Even though this post started with a ‘New” Barry moment, it really made me think about a few things. Even when life isn’t going so well, stop and think, “Would you really change a thing?” When all you appear to be getting out of life is lemons, take a closer look. Along with the bad, there is always something good.Don’t let the temptation get in your way, step back and take a look at the big picture. You might like what you see, more than you think…….

God has a plan for all of us, are you sure you want to mess with it?