This really happened….


Anyone keeping up with us is aware that Barry and I had to close our business. We were not able to handle the patient care once Barry had the stroke. I was attempting to keep the business going with part-time help, but once we both were incapacitated to a certain point, we had to make the tough decision of closing. 

We decided to tell the resident’s on an outing. It will be an outing neither of us will ever forget. We went to Wendy’s for burgers. Our staff person and I sat the residents down and started numerous trips back and forth to collect napkins, ketchup, forks, salt and pepper. Barry went to place the order. Barry got my attention and pointed toward the tables. 

When I turned around, two of our four residents had opened their straws and were sipping ketchup from the little souffle cups Wendy’s supplies for ketchup. Everyone in the restaurant had turned and were stating at these two. What do you say? What do you do? I walked over to the table, sat down and quietly asked them to put the cups down. I told them their meal was being prepared, to have a little patience. They thought that was part of their meal. It was, but it didn’t need a straw……

The human brain is an incredible, as well as, strange organ. Through my years of nursing, I have witnessed many outrageous and many marvelous things. After 20 + years of nursing, I never would have put myself in this situation, but I can understand/sympathize with things I have witnessed over the years now. This brain tumor has truly opened my eyes to the world around me!




We found time for ourselves….

Last night Barry and I were scheduled to help setup for the Christmas Program. To our bewilderment we found ourselves with an evening of free time. We were both exhausted and actually a little thrilled to have “us”  time. We rode around for a bit looking at all the beautiful Christmas decor (there are some incredible imaginations out there) and headed home. We did a little housework, said goodnight to mom and got in our favorite chairs in the living room.

Once vegging-out in our chairs, checking a little email, I was sound asleep with my tablet in my lap. Sometimes “taking time for you” means listening to what the body is telling you. In our case it was Sleep, glorious Sleep. We both needed it, we have a long weekend scheduled.