Things not to discuss in the car………



There are certain things you do not need to talk about in front of your son-in-law, especially on a car ride. You know, when he can’t get out and run far far away…..

  • What you remove with a pumice stone.
  • The fact that you couldn’t find matching hose for church
  • What your supper did to your stomach
  • Discuss the type of underclothes you wear
  • Have a list of what is wrong with the house that needs to be repaired immediately
  • What you wish we had done differently to the house when it was built
  • What type bra you would like Santa Claus to bring

My Christmas List

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Last night, my great niece asked what Santa Claus was bringing me and what did I have on my Christmas List. Being close to 50, this is a question I have not heard or thought about in years. Would I be on the Naughty or Nice List? So many questions popped into my head. Since the brain surgery, my childhood memories are not what they used to be. I had my mother confirm that I had written Santa a letter or two. It’s been a long time, but I think I’ll give it a shot.

Dear Santa,

How are you? I hope this letter finds everyone at the northpole feeling good! I’m having a good day, so far. Feeling a little tired after last night. There is nothing sweeter than watching children sing and performing the Christmas Story. They did such a good job! My great niece was in the children’s choir. She was adorable. There was a mirophone in front of her. she kept stepping out from her spot in line uo to the microphone and singing  her little heart out. Just precious. So Santa, I think my first wish has been granted. I got to see that little girl sing and spend time with family. Nothing sweeter than my our nieces and nephews. Of course Barry, mom, my sister and hubby are always entertaining.

My next wish was granted when Barry and I found our church home this year. Victory Baptist Church welcomed us with open arms and has never made us feel uncomfortable or unwelcome. I have learned more about the bible, in our time at Victory,  than in all the years growing up in church. The pastor is incredible and the church family is gracious and loving. I thank the Lord everyday for leading us to Victory.

My next Chritmas wish would have to be to continue increasing faith in Christ. I cherish each ounce of knowledge I gain through study and attending classes at church. I enjoy the time Barry and I spend together studying. We have really enjoyed working with the choir director on the music program. Looking for Civil War items to use as props has been like a giant treasure hunt. So much fun! 

I thank the Lord everyday for bringing Barry into my life. I do not know what I did to deserve him, but I’m glad I did it. Barry is the love of my life, my best friend, my soulmate. With the health issues I’ve gone through since 2009, he hassn’t batted an eye. He has been there every second I’ve needed him, just as I will be for him.

My next and final wish is for the coming year and for my sisters. Sandy, the oldest, is absolutely stretched to her limits. She is dealing with a lot of stress, as well as being a new grandmother. She tries to do everything for everyone and I do not believe she knows how to say no. Along with everything else in her life, she worries herself silly about her disabled, highly independent husband being home alone. Dennis is the type of person that if you tell him he can’t do something, he will find a way to do it.

My wish for Sandy, is to find time for herself and a job that fits her situation better than the one she has. I know she enjoys her work, but something closer to home would give her more time to enjoy life and her family. I’d like to see her smiling again.

Now to my sweet, baby sister Kris! Sandy, of course, is sweet too! Kris worked her tail off and finished her college degree in less time than it should have taken. Now, for over a year, she has been searching for a teaching position without success. She is an incredible Math teacher and some school system would be lucky to get her. She is taking care a husband, raising 2 boys, 14 and 6 and attemping a job hunt. She also takes care of our father as much as he will let her and her home.

My wish for Mrs. Kris is to find that job she is looking for or something compariable. I’d like to see a smile on her face too! But I’d also like her to find a little peace in her life and time for herself. I have 2 sisters that I love dearly and will do anything in the world for either of them, they just have to let me. I’d also love to see the three of us spending a little time together. We might even take mom with us!

Thanks for your time! What kind of cookies would you like this year?



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