The case of the “unknown pants”…………

pYou have to understand, we live in a house where three people with memory issues reside. Maggie, the dog, has a best memory in the house. I cannot figure this one out. Just wish we could figure this one out.

When arriving home from church, yesterday, I discovered a strange pair of pants lying over a dining room chair. They were a medium gray pair with a white pinstripe. We had no visitors to match these pants and we could not discern how they came to be in our dining room. All of the doors were locked, all windows closed tight, and Maggie did not appear to have had a mid-morning snack. Yet, here they are and how did they get in the house?

Barry denies knowing anything about the pants, other than they did not belong to him. The pants were not meant for a tall man, Barry is six-foot tall. These pants are meant for a munchkin. To my knowledge, there have been no munchkins in the house. Is Maggie throwing neighborhood parties when we aren’t home? She does open the doors by herself when she really wants in a room, or out. I’m writing this and haven’t got a clue where they came from.

Mom says she is not positive, but she doesn’t remember any visitors leaving without their pants. Mom is probably the culprit. She does minor alterations for people. But swears she knows nothing. 

In a house full of people with memory issues, what do you do when something like this happens? Just another example of the mysteries of the human brain. How else can you explain this?