Christmas Programs everywhere……


The holidays are here and they are hitting like a runaway locomotive. Barry and I missed everything last year, he was in rehab after his stroke. We wanted to get in on as many programs as we could this year.

December 1, will strolled through Loganville Baptist Church’s version of “Journey to Bethlehem”. They did a wonderful job.

December 2, we got to see our great niece, in her churches kid’s Christmas program. We learned she is quite a little entertainer and loves a microphone. Absolutely adorable 3 year old.

December 6, we went to another nephew’s band concert. I was amazed by the change in music or a better way to put it is, the way the band put together their performance. Absolutely amazing.

December 7, we will helping set up for our church’s Christmas program. Barry and I have been on a treasure hunt the last few weeks for this program. It is exciting watching it come together.

December 8, we will be attending a Christmas Play with my oldest sister’s church and some of our family.

December 9, will be the program at our church, with a possible encore the following Sunday morning.

December 15 is the Christmas Party for the ladies group at our church. Mom and I are responsible for decorating a table. Busy making plans for that.

On a yet to be determined date and time, our family will be celebrating the holiday! Along with a few more stops on the Christmas Express, but Barry and I will survive…….God will get us through it all, after all…it is His season!Snowman

Things I can’t do anything about

Sticking with the roller coaster theme, I guess it is time for another ride. Life appears to slow down and let you relax and then you remember or life smacks you with something else you have no control over:

1. having a brain tumor

2. having a rare genetic disorder that wrecks havoc on your body daily.

2. what is going to happen next.

3. your social life involves more medical professionals than actual friends.

4. With Cowden’s Syndrome, you never know what body part will go nuts next.

5. what doctors do with the list of medication they take from you at every visit. Do they ever look at it?

5. What reaction to the new medication the doctor puts you on

6. which doctor’s office your reaction to medicine will land you in

7. where you’ll end up after having a test to determine the cause of a new issue

8. what will come out of your husbands mouth at any time

9. what your mother will lose next

10. when your family will realize you are still inside a body that does not function properly

11. when your mother will stop looking at you as if it is the last time she’ll see you

12. whether your eyes will function properly when you wake up

This list could go on and on, these are just the ones that have frustrated me, beyond my limits, lately. I’m hoping the tides turn soon.