Wacky Wednesday Fashion Watch


I know this is totally off my usual posts, but after today, it had to be said. I grew up in Winder where someone has approved proper attire for going to town as bedroom slippers, pajamas and curlers. I never did this, but today some 30 years later, it still happens regularly.

Where have the days gone when people used to care about how they look in public and what is appropriate to wear outside of your home? What happened to modesty? 

It isn’t just kids out there dressing crazy, it is also people our age? Growing up, we were taught that dressing appropriately leaves something to the imagination. You don’t want to show too many of your goodies off, you want to keep that special person interested.  If you put everything out there, what is left to discover when you do meet that special someone. 

Today’s fashions, or how some people wear today’s fashions is just wrong. In the south, when a man doesn’t wear a belt and his shirt is too short, it is called “plumber’s crack”. My question is…..what do you call it when a woman does it? I’m sorry, call me old fashioned or just old, but a whale tail is just wrong!

What next, part 2……..


Well, echo scheduled for next week. Had blood work drawn at office. Hopefully, all is well, my heart just doesn’t like what my neurologist is doing to my body. My body doesn’t like taking a bunch of pills, I always manage some form of adverse reaction to medication changes. Life goes on, time will tell (and the tests too, of course). One day at a time, the only way to go….It’s in God’s hands

What next….

Life gets calm, but busy……then my heart heads into the haywire department again. I have too much going on for this to start happening now. It’s Christmastime, I wanna enjoy it, but we are getting ready to head to the cardiologist. My life is a never ending roller coaster that doesn’t want to let me off………