What next….

Life gets calm, but busy……then my heart heads into the haywire department again. I have too much going on for this to start happening now. It’s Christmastime, I wanna enjoy it, but we are getting ready to head to the cardiologist. My life is a never ending roller coaster that doesn’t want to let me off………

7 thoughts on “What next….

  1. Good luck with the cardiologist but we have to be thankful for the care that we receive and the monitoring which keeps us alive even if it all does take a chunk out of your life!

    • Cardiologist says hi! Gonna have an echo/and bloodwork to be sure nothing major going on. Otherwise good. I’m extremely grateful to all my doctors, just tired of needing to see them so much!

      • Sorry I didn`t mean to sound pi but I`m on the road to recovery from cancer – got my next scan next Monday and I can`t begin to count the time I have spent seeing specialists, surgeons, oncologists etc! But I am still here!

      • I didn’t take anything you said badly, forgive me if my response sounded that way. I truly appreciate the support. Sorry to hear of your troubles, good luck with the scan. I’m sure things will be OK.


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