Case of the “Unknown Pants” solved…….

From my previous post, you know about the pants that appeared in my dining room and no one wanted to claim, well……….

Through a little detective work, we were able to get culprit to admit her guilt. As a family, we had gone to a Christmas play in Athens and then Mom and husband went on to my sister’s church to see their production of the “Singing Christmas Tree”. Barry and I headed home, 2 programs would have done us both in. 

We received a call from mom around 10:30pm wanting to know if James could use the guest room. The next day, upon returning from church, we found the pants. Mom swore she didn’t know where they came from. Apparently, James needed some help with a hem and asked mom to help. She had instructed him to take them to the sewing machine upstairs. He got to my dining room and lost his train of thought, sat the pants down and started to exercise on my machine. He totally forgot the pants, as did mom. All I could picture was, my stepfather running around town in his underpants, when I found out that mom and James had planned for him to spend the night all along. I thought to myself, she’s getting sneaky. if she drives after dark. 

Memory played a huge role in this entire incident, Mom and James are both the culprits. When things like this happen around the hose, I automatically go to Barry and I forgetting about something we have done. It feels kinda nice to know it wasn’t us. Of course, it is scary for her and anyone else on the road, if she drives after dark. 

Sooooooooo………mom did it!

Mom and the Jello Chase


Mom is sweet as she can be, but she can have her scattered moments that make you wonder. I don’t know how I would act, if I woke up one day and mom was totally organized. She can be everything from cute as a button to drive you insane confused.

Tonight her difficulty was lemon jello. She made three different trips to the store to get everything she needed to make a dessert for a church party tomorrow. When she arrived home, she realized she had pineapple jello, not lemon. She headed back to the store to make the switch and she couldn’t find it. The boxes were a mess and mom was tired, so she returned home to ask if we would swap it out for her. In all of the hoopla, mom came in and laid her Jello down and lost it! She had the kitchen in a mess to prepare this dessert and the jello was now somewhere in her mess.

We, of course, said yes. Mom went to retrieve her jello to swap out when she discovered it was misplaced. She was so frustrated by this time that Barry told her not to worry, we’d take care of it. 

We get home with her lemon jello, and she states, “sugar-free”? I just walked away………..