Brain Tumor Issues Again!

I’ve been blessed with the fact that issues caused by my brain tumor are constant and tolerable on a daily basis. I suppose that is a good way to put it, but they do have those days when they act like an angry toddler not getting his/her way. Well the toddler has been a little rascal for over a week now.

Not only is my heart acting like a fool, I feel like my face and top of my head is attempting to learn the tango. A few months after my craniotomy, I developed a facial tic which grew into making every muscle from my shoulders up, twitch uncontrollably. The neurosurgeon said he could operate and make me worse or I could try medication management. We chose medication management. I have been through a battery of medication that actually gave me some relief, others made me close to crazy or mean as a snake.

I finally got on a regimen of drugs that actually made life easier, then they sent me for a Botox referral. Botox helped my neck muscles, but it did not do much for my vocal chords. At one point my vocal chords were twitching over 200 times a minute. I could barely talk, but I missed singing more than anything. My voice disappeared for 3 months, instead of getting stronger. It was amazing to be able to sleep on my stomach for the first time in 2 years. I honestly did not realize I couldn’t turn my neck to the side. It was great!

Off to the¬†Otolaryngologist(spelling?). He does the Botox in my neck and vocal chords. Friday afternoon, I get the pleasure of Botox injection into the roof of my mouth for palatel myoclonus (spelling?). Apparently, this might not only fix my twitching palate, it might fix the ear trouble I have experienced since surgery. We’ll see.

I truly am not looking forward to it, but the Botox has helped in the past. Otherwise, I’m headed back to let my neurosurgeon make me worse……I’m not ready to cave-in yet