Round 3

Hummmmmm…….new problem. I do not eat salt. I do not have any salt in my house. I am careful with my diet. Yet, I have the ankles and calves of an old women. My hands are swollen, so is my stomach. I now, officially feel sick. Going to doctor tomorrow.

They kill me, telling me to go to the ER. I do not feel ER sick. I’d hate to take up a bed in the ER when someone might actually need it. 

I am so confused over this. First time I’ve had a new problem with no obvious cause. I hate this!

Wish me luck!

Okay, I’m not feeling my best, but I have a horrible urge to get out tomorrow and Shop! What is wrong with me? One hour on my feet fighting after Christmas sale shoppers and I hope to make it home. Am I nuts?

First thing I plan on doing is checking with the doctor about a few things in the morning. I still feel exhausted, my legs are swollen and painful with fluid, I’ve had no salt…….this has to be medication related or my colon is flared back up. 

So good people out there, say a little prayer for me, throw a few angels my way and just flat-out keep your fingers crossed that I have no trouble and do not end up at a doctor’s office. Have a good day everyone!