Round 3

Hummmmmm…….new problem. I do not eat salt. I do not have any salt in my house. I am careful with my diet. Yet, I have the ankles and calves of an old women. My hands are swollen, so is my stomach. I now, officially feel sick. Going to doctor tomorrow.

They kill me, telling me to go to the ER. I do not feel ER sick. I’d hate to take up a bed in the ER when someone might actually need it. 

I am so confused over this. First time I’ve had a new problem with no obvious cause. I hate this!

4 thoughts on “Round 3

  1. Hi Jill,
    I feel for you I really do, I saw this post earlier today not knowing how to comment and not being able to “Like” your pain. So I went away to think, posted Like To Appreciate (, then reasoned that I don’t like others pain but I can appreciate it, so please take the “Like” as appreciate.
    I hope all goes well at the Doctors, I have had enough visits this year to know the anxiety they bring, I will be praying for you.

    • Thank you, Wayne….you are too kind. I understand where you are coming from. I hope I don’t sound like a big crybaby in my posts.
      I trust in the Lord and totally believe that he died to save us from our sins. I started my blog at the suggestion of a doctor, so I would not hold things in. It is very cathartic. Thank you for the post and as usual, the kind words.Headed out to spend time with my family. Have a great day……Have a beautiful day, it is cold here!

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