What would you think?

Today, I had a second echocardiogram to make sure nothing is going on with my ticker. At one point in life, I wondered if my heart was the only good body part I have, then it starts going haywire. I started passing out, staying more dizzy than usual daily, and feeling like I have a flock of butterflies in my chest.  Then my legs and ankles start swelling out of the blue. Along with that came shortness of breath. Sooooooooo, off to the cardiologist. He ordered blood work and the echo. Now comes the waiting phase, again….

During the echo today, the technician states “what in the world is that?”, as she circles whatever she saw. She quickly changes the subject and attempts  to get my mind off what she said. As I was leaving, she repeatedly told me that I’ll hear from the office soon and to call by the end of the week if I haven’t.

I cannot get what she said out of my head. What did she see? I’ll go nuts before they call. I’m learning to hate time again. God grant me the strength and wisdom not to worry and the wisdom to handle it appropriately.