Stuck between a rock and a hard place!

Let’s just say, I was stuck I’m my very own metaphor this afternoon. With the exception of a rock, my dilemma involved my favorite chair in the living room.

Barry was on a grocery store run, while I did a little reading. It was nice and quiet in the house, so I started to fall asleep. As my snooze was getting good, I started to slip down in the chair and the ottoman started to roll away from my chair. A few moments later, I was wide awake and realized I could not move. 

The ottoman was stuck where the rug started. The rug had started to push up and the ottoman was hung. I was positioned with my weak side up, I’m strong on my left side, but it is pretty useless trying to push or pull up.  

I struggled with it for a bit and gave up. Mom was home, but she was behind two closed doors and could not hear my call, soooooooo….I got comfy and waited for Barry to get back. Not sure how long I was in that position, cuz I fell asleep.

Barry came in, laughing as he helped me up. He wanted to take a picture, but I threatened his life. Maggie thought we were playing a game. She was squirming all over the place and licking everything she could get too! What an afternoon!

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