Secret Agent Man

Snowman2rudolph-th-1Parts of this story and others are totally fiction.

Recently, our nephew was asking about the blog and we attempted to explain the reason we write. We also said we haven’t written about him yet and asked what he’d like for us to say.

He wants us to tell you all he is CIA Agent and lives in secret life in Winder. Well truth be told, he’d fit in better as an MIB agent on the movie screen. He’s good with gadgets and fixing things, he’d love to get his hands on a reverberating carbonizer. Not sure what he’d do with it, but we are sure he’d love it.

He’d have to be Agent Jay Two. Of course, with his little brother, he’d always have a partner/sidekick….Agent M and 1/2. That would be quite a movie remake. There would have to be a Ninetendo Wii or some other form of gaming system. The truth is that both of my baby sister’s boys are tech gurus. They love anything like that.

gamer hacker

I accidently deleted half of this post somehow when I hit publish, so please forgive me and I’ll finish quickly.

Both of my sisters did an incredible job in the kid department. Barry and I have an amazing group of niece and nephews ranging in age from 30 to 6. We also have a great niece and nephew. My entire family has accepted Barry as Uncle Barry without question. I have enjoyed watching Barry get excited as his relationship grows with each of them.

 My older sisters kids are successful adults and starting their own lives. We even have a professional dancer, a pastor (and husband) and an incredible, super mom in the family. Barry and  I are proud of each and every one of them.

Agent Jay 2  is an amazing kid that hasn’t realized to full potential yet. He’ll get there, I have no doubt. He is incredibly intelligent. At 14 he towers over me and Barry. I believe his feet get bigger weekly. I have had the pleasure of watching him grow into a handsome young man. Look out girl, heartbreaker in town!

I remember him as a child, locking himself in my car and giggling at me as I go window to window attempting to get the little rascal to unlock the door. I didn’t need an alarm clock when he was younger. He’d beat me in the head with his bottle when he thought I needed to get up. He was such a good baby and a challenge at the same time!

I wrote a previous post about Agent M and 1/2. He remains amazing and we love each of them dearly. We’d like to thank each of them for letting us be part of their lives. It has been a pleasure!