This is just so sweet….

The Bottom of a Bottle

As the end of the year slowly creeps up and I will face the last of my Festive Tests, Test No 4. New Year’s Eve, I haven’t got a clue what I will be doing this time tomorrow evening or where I will be, probably in exactly the same place as I am now, at the keyboard typing out yet another post.

One thing I do know is I won’t be drinking anything other than Pepsi Max or Lime n Soda, the SoberDay count will stand at 276 days tonight and I will see in the New Year with 277 SoberDays, I may celebrate alone and it will not be the first time, but the difference will be this year is that I know I will never be truly alone, just because my eyes don’t see, my heart believes.

I have drafted a number of poems over the last few weeks…

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