My Most Favorite Christmases

SnowmanI have two favorites, so please bear with me…….

The first has to be last year. Barry suffered a massive stroke two weeks before Christmas last year. We were told he might not make it, but he did.

It was the happiest day of my life, when I got to take him from the rehab center, for a day pass to celebrate Christmas with our family.  It was also the hardest thing I have ever done when I had to take him back to the rehab center on Christmas Eve. We had a lovely holiday with the family. 

He pulled through with flying colors and actually shocked a lot of people being able to walk out of that hospital with me. 

This year, Christmas Day is going to be the two of us and a lot of quiet. I might take him out to try his Christmas present out. I’m hoping it will spark his interest in a hobby for his retirement. Our family gathering is 2 days after Christmas. We plan to open the cookie factory up for a few days. We have a few treats to make. 

My next favorite Christmas, involves my nephew, Jonathan. When he was four years old, it was my job to occupy his time so his mom and dad could finalize plans with the big guy.

It was Christmas Eve and he wanted to ice skate, so off we headed to the Mall of Georgia. Their skating rink was in the back of the mall and not a long drive. Good for Aunt Jill in Christmas Eve traffic.

After he skated for a few hours, we headed into the mall. We went to see Santa and walked around looking at decorations. When I got the all clear to head home, Jonny and I headed to the van.

About two miles from the mall, our van broke down. I managed to get to the parking lot of a convenience store and called for help. It was going to be close to an hour before, Santa’s helpers could arrive. 

Jonny and I got a cup of cocoa and prepared for our wait together. We sat in the van listening to the radio singing Christmas carols. (He’d never admit any of this happened now that he is 14), as the windows fogged up, we drew on them with our fingers. The van looked like Christmas wrap before we were finished.

The radio gave it’s reports of Santa sightings in the area. It was the sweetest thing to watch the sheer, childhood innocence on his face with every report. The closer the radio said Santa was getting, the more excited he got. We were having so much fun, my dad scared us both knocking on the window when he arrived.

I was disappointed our time was over, but it was back to reality……

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