The “New” Barry strikes again

Barry’s office has a family day every year before their holiday starts. They have Santa for the kids, everyone brings snack foods and a little work gets done. What the employees love more than anything, is they get to leave early….hit the stores, have lunch or whatever else you may want to do.It is very nice.

Well, this year on the drive to the office, we had”New Barry” moment that was hilarious. The poor lady in the car next tons did not know what to think. We were at a red-light when an SUV pulled up next to us. The SUV was decorated with an elf hat on the grill and ears sticking out the back windows. (Just for you info, we have had a drastic weather change, it is icy cold and windy) Barry signaled for her to roll her window down, when she did, he asked, “Are your ears cold?” She did not say a word, but got a funny look on her face. The light had changed, so we drove on. I’m not sure we wanted to hang around to hear her response. 

Last time I was with anyone doing such, I had picked a tipsy friend up and she would not keep her window closed at red lights. She asked every car we stopped by if they had anything gray she could poop on. Of course, referencing Grey Poupon Mustard. It was funny, but distracting when you are trying to drive. But, oh, what a ride home…